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Covid 19 Information for Employees and The Community

Copies of our COVID 19 Preparedness Plan are available at the office.

How Are We Unique?

Absolute PCA is unique in many ways. We conduct our business with a high level of integrity and consider our recipients and caregivers a part of the Absolute PCA family. We are a "Ma and Pa" agency owned by a husband and wife, rather than a huge corporate agency. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and going above and beyond to help our clients. We also believe in giving back and supporting the communities we live in. Therefore, we donate regularly to local charities and invite our clients and employees to give us donation suggestions. 

PCA stands for, Personal Care Assistance. PCA services help a person with activities of daily living and health related tasks so that person can continue to live independently in their home. For instance, a PCA can help with bathing, grooming, mobility, laundry, meal preparation, shopping, light housekeeping, or help with behaviors.

PCA services are paid for by Minnesota health care programs such as Medical Assistance. Another payment option is to privately pay for PCA services. The first step in order to receive PCA services is to have an assessment done by the county you live in.

Our Mission is to provide care with integrity and promote independence
Our Vision is to exceed standards of quality

The Absolute Difference

What sets us apart from the competition is our absolute dedication to provide the best care possible, with a heavy dose of positive inspiration mixed in to make everyone's day a little brighter.

Contact us today for more information and to join the Absolute PCA Family.

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